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Construction Updates

The fit-out of  new show suites on level 5 has been recently completed. This gives buyers the first opportunity to experience a studio unit to compliment the existing one and two bedrooms at the sales gallery.

    The level 5 show suites have also served as a testing ground and example for sub-contractors to demonstrate  their installations.

These onsite photos include :

  • Kitchen cabinets and Franke appliances
  • Air-conditioning compressors and ducted grills
  • Balcony windows, A/C louvers and balustrade
  • Bathroom fixtures and fittings

Following the topping out of Tower A, Bouygues have now re-positioned their structural team onto Tower B..  5 additional floors have been added up to level 12.. We anticipate that Tower B structure should be complete by end August.

Southpoint Features